Honest Planet T-Shirts FAQ

Here we provide the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Who prints your t-shirts and other merchandise?

Spreadshirt, a global, German based company is our print partner of choice because of their high quality products, cutting edge printing technology, their ethical approach to business and their highly rated customer service. 

How can I be sure that products from Honest Planet T-Shirts are good quality? 

Spreadshirt has thousands of great reviews testifying to the consistent high quality of both their products and the printing quality. See their UK and US Trustpilot reviews for more information.

How sustainable is Honest Planet T-Shirts?

All Honest Planet t-shirts and other merchandise are made to order with the latest eco-friendly printing technology, a process commonly referred to as Print on Demand. There is no overproduction and little waste unlike traditional printing methods. Click this link to the sustainability page for more information.

What are your delivery times & costs?

Please follow this link for all the information you need about delivery times and costs.

Why are some products only available in a limited number of colours?

Each product has a range of colours available but only product colours that work really well the design colours have been included. If however, there is a specific product colour you would really like that is not currently available for a particular design, please leave a comment on the feedback form, and we will do our very best to make it available to you.

I am upset about a particular design that offends me. How can I voice my concerns?

All comments whether positive or negative are welcomed and greatly appreciated. We will endeavour to respond to comments in a timely fashion.

I really like some of your designs and I’d like to copy them and use them on my own products, is that ok?

All Honest Planet T-Shirts designs are original and protected by copyright. While we are truly flattered if people try to copy our designs, it is against the law. We do not allow copies to be made or licence the designs. We routinely monitor multiple platforms and sales channels to detect and prevent copyright infringement.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be found here.

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